Capability to manufacture High precision powertrain components for both Automotive & Off-highway segments.
The business operates out of a modern manufacturing facility at Hosur and Chennai in Tamil Nadu and Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh.
A dedicated component park at Hosur, Tamil Nadu.
Chennai Plant is an export oriented unit catering to Global off-highway customers.

Manufacturing Units


Shafts & Hollow Shafts

Shafts are mechanical components for transmitting torque and rotation and are usually used to connect with other components. In transmission, shaft carries the input power into and out of the gearbox

Type: Rolled Splines (Solid & Hollow) with Gear Teeth
Products: Cluster Gear Shafts, Hollow Shafts & Shafts with Synchro Cones, Pinion assemblies, Input & output shafts
Module Range: 0.5-1.5 (Rolled Spline) & Upto 4 (Gears)
Length: 50-400 mm (Hobbing/ Shaping): 50-600 mm (Spline Rolling)
Type of Finishing: Hobbing, Shaping, Shaving and Grinding
Material: Alloy steel (Domestic & International specifications)
Operations: CNC – Turning, spline rolling, Hobbing, Shaping, Shaving, Tooth chamfering, gun drilling, OD grinding, super finishing, Gear grinding
Machines: MAG, Escofier, Liebherr, Gleason, Kanzaki, Reishauer, Tsugami

Ring Gears

Ring gears

Internal gear has its teeth cut in the internal surface of a cylinder and meshes with spur gears.

Ring gears are gears of with internal gear teeth used for multiplying torque in transmissions with planetary system.

Module Range: 1-7
Diameter Range: Upto 600 mm (External)
100- 500 mm (Internal)
Height:upto 150 mm (ring gears)
Material: Alloy steel (Domestic & International specifications)
Heat Treatment: Through hardening, Nitriding, Nitro carburizing
Operations: Turning, Broaching, Hobbing & Shaping
Machines:Mori Seiki, Crane bell, Gleason, Liebherr



Shift sleeve is one of the components in the synchronizer assembly. It connects/disconnects the main gears to the output shaft in a manual gearbox. The main challenge in machining shift sleeves is usually to obtain good process security to allow for high productivity and tight tolerances.

ID Range: 110 mm Max.
Types: Shifter sleeves
Material:Alloy steel (Domestic & International specifications)
Heat Treatment: Case Carburizing & Carbo Nitriding, Plug - quenching
Operations: CNC Turning, Broaching, Hobbing, Taper forming, Shifter stop milling & forming/ Tooth rounding & Tooth pointing Plug quenching
Machines:Liebherr, Profilator, PICCO, TAL

Planer Carrier

Planetary Carrier

One of the highly complex and precision component that we manufacture is the planetary carrier & assemblies including sun & planet gears. The Planetary Carrier Assembly consists of Planetary carrier & Gears

Diameter Range: 100-450 mm
Height: 100 – 400 mm
Material:Ductile Cast iron, steel forging
Types:Single deck/ Double deck construction Single piece , fastened design & Welded design, With shafts integrated
Operations: Through Hardening, Precision Turning, Internal Broaching, Surface Broaching of pockets, Milling, precision fine boring, planetary gear seating pocket finishing, Grinding, Nitriding, hard part finishing, balancing
Machines:Mori Seiki, Liebherr, Gleason, Makino, Special pocket finishing machines.

Differential case assembly

Differential Case & Assembly

Differential case and assemblies are amongst the latest product offerings from Component BU. It allows the outer drive wheel of a vehicle to rotate faster than the inner drive wheel during a turn. This is necessary when the vehicle turns, making the wheel that is traveling around the outside of the turning curve roll farther and faster than the other.

Segment: Passenger Cars
Material: Ductile Cast Iron
Heat Treatment:Normalizing, Iso -Thermal Annealing
Critical Processes:Precision Turning, Mounting Holes Drilling & Tapping, Precision VMC of Pin Hole & Bore Honing
Machines:LMW, Hwacheon, Precision VMC, Tsugami, Honing machine, Renishaw Equator (Inspection).

Skid Steer Axle

Skid Steer Axle

Skid steer axle is one of our many solution offerings for off-highway sector. Our Skid steer axles are specialized induction hardened and precision machined. The spindle wheel is assembled to axle housing in our state of the art dedicated assembly lines, followed by in-house painting.

Major Sub-components: Axle Housing, Axle Spindle, Bearings and Oil Seals.
Material: Housing- Ductile Iron, Axle Spindle- Forged Alloy Steel
Heat Treatment & Surface Coating:Through Hardening & Induction Hardening with complex profiles and varying case depth, PU Painting of assemblies.
Critical Processes: Precision Turning, Precision Milling, Precision Grinding, Hobbing, Drilling & Tapping, Induction Hardening, Painting.
Machines: Hyundai, LMW, Mori Seiki, Liebherr, EFD, Makino, Paint Plant (CQI 12 compliant)



Advanced transmissions require a smooth shifting system for driving comfort in cars and other road vehicles. AVTEC’s ingeniously designed Synchropack offers great performance, comfortable gear shifts and easily integrated into manual and automated manual transmissions.

A synchronizer, or "synchro,“ is a conduit for smooth shifting from one gear to next, thereby matching the speeds of the gear wheels during the shifting process.

The performance originates from careful design of synchro & friction system, tolerancing, material selection to ensure un-interrupted torque transfer providing high durability and service life.

Synchronizers play crucial role on future development of hybrid and electric vehicles

Types: Single & Multi cone (Double & Triple cone)
Sub-components: Sleeve, Hub, Inner ring, Intermediate ring, Outer ring, Dog crown, Synchro ring, Inserts
Material:TSynchro ring – Brass, Steel
Coating: With and without Carbon Lining
Diameter Range: 70 to 100 mm

Clutch Drive Assembly

Clutch Drive Assembly

Clutch Drive Assembly is one of our many offerings to Railways. A Clutch Drive Assembly is fitted on the HHP engine assembly and provides a mechanical connection between the turbocharger to the engine gear train during the start-up, light load operation and rapid acceleration

Major Sub-components: Central Support Drive, Plate Cam, Turbo Gear, Clutch Dowel assy, Upper Idler Gear.
Material: Forged Alloy Steel, PB Bushing, HT Fasteners,
Heat Treatment & Surface Coating:Case Hardening (case depth 2.5mm), Super Cooling (to achieve less than 2 percentage), Through Hardening, Hard Chrome & Electroless Nickel coating.
Critical Processes: Precision Turning, Precision Gear Grinding, Precision Bore & OD grinding, Wire-cutting, Bush Pressing & Assembly, Rollers Assy.
Machines: Hyundai, LMW, Mori Seiki, Liebherr, Sodic, Hofler, ID & OD grinder, Spl. Assy. equipment


Housings (Large & Automotive)

It is a casing that surrounds the mechanical components of a gear box. It provides mechanical support for the moving components, a mechanical protection from the outside environment to the internal components.

Segment Off-highway & Oil Rig applications (Large) Passenger Cars, SUVs (Automotive)
Material Cast Iron Aluminium (HPDC & LPDC)
Range Weight up to 250 Kg, Turning range- 1500 mm, Pristmatic Size- Parts with swing of 1500mm on dia, Height- 1000mm Weight
Critical Processes Castings with complex cores (making castings with 23 cores), Part reference Qualification, Precision Turning, Precision Machining Center operations, Keyway milling, Pressure Testing. HPDC/ CPDC casting, Precision Machining center operations, Pressure Testing.
Types Main housings, Convertor housings, Retarder housings, Covers. Main Housings, Front & Rear Housings & Covers.
Machines HMCs (Mori Seiki, DMG), VMCs (Mori Seiki, Makino), VTLs (Toshiba, Hyundai), Special Purpose Pressure testing equipment. HMCs (Mori Seiki, DMG, Hyundai, Makino), VMCs (Mori Seiki, Makino).

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