Diversity & Inclusion

D&I Vision

The C.K. Birla Group has always been known for its vision and progressive ideas. We as a Group embrace diversity and inclusion at all levels as a strategy to move forward. We realise the need to have women in key positions in order to affect change in the way we work and to leverage the talent they bring in.

Diversity and inclusion is key to our talent strategy. The C.K. Birla Group leaders across companies have pledge to use their influence to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are committed to the agenda of 20% by 2020, that is, 20% of workforce being female employees by 2020.

CEO’s Message

“Diversity at work brings a unique quality to the organisation’s core values and its cultural fabric. We at AVTEC respect unique talents, experiences and viewpoints of employees and encourage different perspectives to achieve excellence. I am personally committed to making AVTEC an inclusive workplace and an employer of choice for all by focussing on exclusive hiring interventions for AVTEC to achieve the mark of 20% by 2020.”

Empowering women at AVTEC

With a series of initiatives we are committed to create a collaborative and respectful environment which ensures that each and every employee is able to participate and bring their whole authentic selves to work every day. Key policies and practices at AVTEC:

Formulation of policies and practices leading to a safe, flexible and inclusive workplace.

Implement affirmative hiring guidelines to increase leadership and workforce diversity.

Sensitisation workshops for leadership and people managers. Act and policy education for all staff.

Targeted development interventions for building women leaders of tomorrow.

Rewarding and recognising diversity champions.

Strong governance mechanism to be 20% by 2020.