Mgr/Sr.Mgr - Operations

Position Title: Mgr/Sr.Mgr - Operations
Location: Pithampur Plant
Position Type: Permanent
Number of Openings: 1


  • 1) Manage production in a cost effective manner and control the inventory cost. 2) Ensure reduction in variable cost in the cost of goods manufactured. 3) Explore ways to increase organizational productivity and revenue from new business. 4) Ensure timely follow up and delivery in line with customer expectations. 5) Take corrective actions on rejections made by customers and customer complaints. 6) Review reports for production of engines and transmissions, spot for deviations and conduct root cause analysis for deviations. 7) Resolve quality issues and ensure upgradation in quality; Ensure quality systems are in place. 8) Ensure layered audits across Engine Assembly and Machine shop. 9) Implement MOST in the plant. 10) Handle the TMPC (Tool management process control). 11) Prepare and implement contingency plans to deal with day to day operational issues 12) Develop managers and supervisors and guide them to analyze and solve operational issues 13) Provide role clarity to team members and also create synergy among them. 14) Guide team for cycle time reduction to achieve strategic initiatives


  • B.E. Mech


*Contact Name: Priyanka Dugad
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