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ASSAG, Switzerland

ASSAG, Switzerland a 100% subsidiary of AVTEC Limited, is pioneer in face gear technology. ASSAG is the world leader in crown gear technology and a leading enterprise for drive systems.

ASSAG offers innovative gearing solution for automotive, medical, industrial, machine tools, and robotics & aerospace applications, with a focus on niche and specialty applications. This further reinforces AVTEC's commitment to its customers as a one-stop-shop from art to part.

ASSAG is a complete solution provider company from engineering concept to the final part. At the headquarter in Dudingen, Switzerland, ASSAG has a big engineering team for R&D of face gears. It also encompasses assembly line for gears with varying diameter, prototype building, testing and validation. For medium to high volume production, ASSAG with the support of its parent company ‘AVTEC Limited’, has recently started producing components with the face gear technology at its state-of-the-art plant in Hosur, India, providing quality products at an incredibly cost optimized solution for its European customers.

CGP – A production facility of ASSAG

‘Cylkro’ Gear Production B.V (CGP), in Hengelo, Netherlands, is a 100% subsidiary of ASSAG equipped with sophisticated manufacturing facility for face gears.

With modern machinery and comprehensive measurement system, CGP can provide high quality face gears with shorter delivery time.

The production of parts for automotive, medical and aeronautical industry requires highest quality at competitive prices. The CGP technicians are experienced and well trained to deliver high quality meeting the customer specifications.

For medium to high volume mass production ASSAG works with AVTEC India, the parent company. AVTEC is serving OEM customers in Automotive and Off-highway domainssince 1984 by supply of transmission and engine (complete system or precision parts).

With an expertise in supply chain, development, and manufacturing, ASSAG is able to serve customers globally with world class quality at optimum cost.

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